M Street and More: Check Out These Washington, DC Streets

M Street

M Street is recognized as one of the best streets for shopping in the country. Many visitors who come to Washington, DC start out on M Street. M Street connects the neighborhoods of Foggy Bottom and Downtown DC to the east and Virginia via Key Bridge to the west. At the intersection of M Street and Wisconsin Avenue, you’ll find the heart of Georgetown, with boutique and eatery-lined streets extending in all four directions.

Beach Drive

DC ranks among the greenest cities in the country. You’ll see why as you drive through Beach Avenue. According to Car accident injury attorneys at Cohen & Cohen in Washington DC, Rock Creek Park provides an enjoyable and welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, with lovely woods spanning over 2,000 acres. This park is a noted stop for migratory birds, so a visit in the fall offers their songs and sounds. A drive through the park is an excellent adventure, but don’t be shy about getting out of the car and enjoying one of several hiking trails or bike paths through the park.

U Street

U Street is well-known for its iconic bar strip. There is always something happening on this bustling street, regardless of the time of day. During the daylight hours, make a stop at the world-famous Ben’s Chili Bowl. Then, wander the street, checking out its many thrift shops. The vibrant African American murals in the alleys are a scenic backdrop that honors and appreciates the corridor’s vibrant, historic black culture. Once nighttime comes, be sure to get your bar crawl on. Dance all night at Nellie’s, or play games on TV, watch drag events, attend a poker night, or sing karaoke at this casual pub. Find the local appeal at Velvet Lounge, a small storefront club that hosts an eclectic lineup of bands and DJs on both floors. 

Pennsylvania Ave

Check out this Washington, DC political landmark, Pennsylvania Avenue, nicknamed “America’s Main Street.” This iconic road connects the US Capitol Building and the White House. The street passes through the world-famous National Mall, where you can choose from visiting a free Smithsonian museum or picnic in the park with the Washington Monument as your backdrop. You may witness a protest or parade on Pennsylvania Avenue. Feel free to join in to get a real DC experience. This street is iconic for political aficionados. You might see some recognizable locations from the TV show House of Cards, as well.

H Street NE

If you’d like an adventure off the beaten tourist path, head to Washington, DC’s historic H Street. H Street is in a gentrification renaissance. However, it’s still holding true to its roots and original residents. If you feel like hanging out on the street, you can play unlimited free games of bocce lawn bowling at Vendetta. There’s a vibrant music scene here, as well. Two nearby world-famous venues are the Atlas Theater and the Rock and Roll Hotel. H Street offers a plethora of fun food items. Check out Farewell, the veggie-forward retro-chic diner, bar, and bakery Farewell for all-day breakfast, bistro fare, or cocktails. Afterward, take a ride along H Street on DC’s streetcar reboot.